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Westlands Community Primary School


The Westlands Curriculum is divided into three parts corresponding with the three school terms: 'Cause and Consequence' delivered in the Autumn Term; 'Rights and Responsibilities' in the Spring Term and 'Change and Continuity' in the Summer Term.  Within this, there is a different theme for every year group each term driven by a high quality core text and a 'big question'.  With the exception of Maths and French, each subject is in some way linked to the theme in a carefully planned sequence of lessons.  Assemblies and co-curricular opportunities are also linked to the term's curriculum. 

Our curriculum reflects the ethos of our school with children's personal, creative, physical and academic development given equal value.  The curriculum is rich, balanced and broad; the children are excited and engaged and it has been tailored to meet the needs of our children.  Underpinned by the key skills: listening, presenting, problem-solving, creativity, staying positive, leadership, teamwork and aiming high, careful thought has also been given with regard to the knowledge that we want children to acquire within sequences of lessons.  With such a diverse community, there is a focus on how immigration and emigration has shaped our world linked to the promotion of the British Values of respect, tolerance, democracy, liberty and the rule of law.  Health and well-being are promoted both within the curriculum and through our 'Spread the Happiness' initiative.  We continue to review, evaluate and improve our curriculum so that every child has the opportunity to: Think, Enjoy, Achieve, Marvel.


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