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Westlands Community Primary School

Teaching Staff

Find out who our passionate team of teachers are, where they work and their responsibilities.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs M Gaskin - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss A Wadsworth - Deputy Headteacher 

Miss L Everard - Assistant Headteacher and Maths Subject Lead

Mrs D Morris - Assistant Head Teacher and English Subject Lead

Mrs S Hale SENCO

Early Years Teachers

Miss C Plummer - EYFS Leader

Mrs K Beer 

Mrs R Grimble 

Mrs A Constantin 

Miss G Fowler


Key Stage One Teachers


Miss B Salmon - Year 1 Leader

Miss E Winestein - Year 1

Miss M Boote- Year 1

Miss H Leary - Year 2 Leader

Mr C White - year 2

Mr J Conway - Year 2


Key Stage Two Teachers

Mrs C Illinesi - Year 3 Leader

Mr M Bardell - Year 3

Mr B Holmes - Year 3

Mrs B Howes - Year 4 Leader

Mrs V Hernaman - Year 4

Miss S Harper - Year 4

Mr S Galea - Year 4

Mr S Muldoon - Year 5 Leader

Mrs C Hartley - Year 5

Miss E Elliston- Year 5

Mrs M Jackson - Year 5

Miss E Bannister - Year 6 Leader

Miss J Frith - Year 6

Mrs O Hickey - Year 6

Miss A Shore - Year 6


Other Teaching Staff


Mrs L Medlang - French Teacher 

Mrs M Tucker

Mrs R Whitmore

Mrs C Brierley 

Mrs M Chambers