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Westlands Community Primary School

Pupil Council

Each year, every class chooses 2 class representatives to represent their class. This includes a main representative and  a deputy representative. This year, we have a secretary, a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a treasurer. These roles are chosen during the first whole KS2 pupil council meeting (yr3, yr4, yr5 and yr6). The secretary and chairperson runs each whole pupil council meetings; these roles are given out to the year 6s.

Every class holds 1 class meeting with their class pupil council representatives to collect ideas and share what we have discussed in the pupil council meetings we hold every 3  weeks or so. This year, we have already hosted a pupil council fundraiser and have had lots of ideas and meetings in our classes and with the whole pupil council.

Message from the pupil council secretary and the chairperson.

We love listening to the ideas that come from all around the school and watching them go into action. We make an agenda every 3 weeks to set what we will be speaking about in that meeting and the agenda usually links to what we have talked about in the other meetings.Every meeting we give each class a chance to speak about their classes ideas that they have brought back from their class meetings. When we get ideas that really shine(like most of them do) we go and ask Mrs Gaskin if it would be possible for that to happen. As we are the Secretary and Chairperson we work together to try and make the school a better place.


Chairperson- Anaisha

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