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Westlands Community Primary School

Pupil Council

Each year, every class chooses 2 representatives for their class - a main representative and a deputy.  Regular class pupil council meetings are held and suggestions from the children are fed back at phase and whole school pupil council meetings.  Whole school pupil council meetings are run by the chair person.  This person is elected at the first whole school pupil council meeting of the year, along with the vice chair and the treasurer.  Throughout the year, events are held that are suggested and run by the pupil council.  The representatives are vital to contributing to gaining the pupil voice of the school within the school.

Message from our Pupil Council Chairperson

Westlands is a safe and open place for all ideas, this is where the pupil council comes in.  Each class has an election to vote for the main member and the deputy for their class.  These representatives attend a meeting in which ideas are shared.  Miss Wadsworth meets with every EYFS and KS1 class and takes their ideas to the KS2 meetings.  There are many roles in the council including - a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and a Treasurer.  These roles are very different but vital to each meeting.  The ideas from the meetings are feed back to a class meeting to ensure everybody's ideas are shared and heard because, here at Westlands, every thought matters.  Aarav.  Westlands Pupil Council Chairperson 2022 - 2023.