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Useful Links

Notices for year group

We have loved seeing all of your learning and activites this week.  It looks like you have been very busy and had lots of fun!  Keep posting to tapestry and you may even receive a virtual gold award that can be collected when we go back to school.  also watch out on tapestry for some teacher videos!!


Our story this week:

Red Riding Hood




Welcome to our year group's virtual page.
We hope with slight changes to the curriculum we will be able to accommodate online learning. We will provide a bank of tasks each week that you will be able to access and work through at home with independence. We hope that with your engagement and support we can provide your child with exciting learning opportunities.

Early Years teaching team.

Learning Tasks

mATHS  -  (upload what you have done to Tapestry)

  • Practise making number bonds to 10 (all the different pairs of numbers that make 10 eg: 4+6, 7+3). Can you make them practically using objects?  Try writing the number sentences for each number bond.  Extra challenge – can you practise number bonds to 20 or to 100? 
  • How many different ways can you make 20? Can you spot any patterns?
  • Can you make some Easter biscuits? Use the scales to weigh the ingredients carefully.  Can you use the language heavy/heavier/heaviest/light/lighter/lightest to explain the different weights?  Send us a picture on Tapestry of your biscuits.
  • Can you find one more/one less than a number? You could use a number line to help you?
  • Create an Easter egg hunt. Can you give clues to say where your egg is using these words?  On/under/in between/next to/behind.


English -  (upload what you have done to Tapestry)



Use this website to enjoy some stories through the use of e books:

Oxford owl

Practise your phonics by playing some phonics games
Username:  March20

Password:  home



Mini Mash

Mini Mash has been designed for ‘little learners’, children aged 3 - 5. It’s a simple and has a range of age appropriate learning resources. Teachers will not currently comment on work as we are using a generic pupil login card for the entire Early Years phase but all other functions are active. 


Please log in and enjoy this simple user friendly eLearning environment.

Mini Mash

Login card

Please use these generic login details at this time, to explore this exciting resource.


Other areas of learning

PE – everyday at 9am Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ is delivering a 30 minute PE lesson. No equipment needed, just subscribe to the channel.



  • Understanding of the world – Go on a nature walk during your daily time outside. Think about what is happening to the trees.  What season are we in? What changes can you see?  Collect natural items on your walk.
  • Creative – Draw a picture of what you can see outside. Using the items you collected on your walk, make a spring picture.
  • Physical – Create an egg and spoon race. How far can you walk whilst balancing an egg (or another object) on a spoon?  Can you challenge your family members?
  • Physical – How many hops/jumps/star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? How many can you do in a minute? Repeat and see if you can beat your first score?  Who can do the most in your family?
  • Happiness – Take part in Cosmic Kids Yoga (Peter and Cotton Tail)



We are all on a steep learning curve at the moment and we want to try and help parents and carers as much as we can. There is a lot of information out there about home learning, which is good in many ways, but can be overwhelming too. One of the best pieces of advice that we can give is to follow a timetable during the week. This needs to be very different from school as home learning is more of a one to one situation. Take a look at the examples posted here for ideas. Please remember that no one expects you to be an expert and often just being interested in what your child is doing is enough. You are doing a great job! 




For additional support logging in, email: