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School Uniform



Our policy is that children must wear school uniform at all times. We believe that the wearing of school uniform gives children a common identity. It illustrates our high standards and allows children to be ambassadors for the school.


The school uniform consists of:



Green with school logo* (optional) (for outdoor wear only)


Green with school logo* or plain dark green**


Green with school logo* or plain dark green**

Polo Shirt

Green or yellow with school logo* or plain dark green or yellow**


Grey trousers** (boys or girls)


Grey shorts** (optional for summer – boys only)

Skirt/pinafore dress

Grey** (girls only)


Black, white, grey or dark green**


Black** (trainers or boots are not permitted)


Brown, black or white to be worn with socks

(open toe sandals or sling backs are not allowed)

Summer dresses

Green or yellow candy striped or gingham checked


P.E. Kit

White T-shirt* and black shorts*

Black plimsolls** or bare feet for indoor PE

Black plimsolls** or trainers for outdoor PE

P.E./Swim Bag

Green/yellow bags with logo* or any colour or make**

Baseball Caps

Green or yellow with logo* (optional – Summer only)

Hair accessories

Black, white, grey, yellow or dark green


*              Available from the School, can be ordered by the online payment system.

**             Available from other suppliers.


We supply some items of uniform which can be ordered online through our online payments system at 


Children’s clothing must be clearly labelled with your child's name. It is not possible for us to find or identify lost 'unnamed' items of clothing.


Jewellery, make-up and nail varnish are not allowed in school at any time.

Watches may be worn and those children with pierced ears must wear plain gold or silver studs only.  

No earrings may be worn during Swimming, PE or Games lessons.

Watches and stud earrings will remain the responsibility of the child and not the school.

Long hair should be tied back at all times.

Uniform Price List