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Coding Competition!

Congratulations to this year's winner George B for his entry 'Car Race'.


Also a big well done to our runners up: Stella P (S Team), Phoebe C (M Team) and Skye F (K Team).


Take a look and have a go at these games below:


We are now in the second year of the new ‘Computing’ curriculum at Westlands and instead of just learning how to use computer software, we are now learning how to create it!


To get you more involved in this fascinating change, Westlands have put together a competition for all you budding coders out there.


The Challenge

Use the ‘Challenge Zone on the Discovery Coding site to create an exciting and challenging adventure game.

The Prize

The winner will be chosen by our Computing Leader, Mr Burdge, and given a £40 voucher for Game. There will also be a runner up from the S, M and K teams who will receive a £10 voucher. The winning games will also be put on our school website for the whole world to enjoy!!



Use the instructions below to help you create your own Discovery Coding game. Get a form from Mr Burdge and hand to Mr Burdge by Friday 11th December 2015.






Competition Instructions

Take a look at the best of last year's entries...