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Advice for Children

As you know, at Westlands Primary School, we focus on a specific E-Safety focus each half term. Have a look at the grid below to see what's coming up next.


Why not have a look at some of the websites below that have lots of games, activities and give you lots of information and advice on how to stay safe online?

Remember, if you're ever not sure about something online or want some help, always speak to a trusted adult. That could be someone in your family, your teacher or maybe a family friend. However, if you can't speak to anyone, for whatever reason, childline are always available and happy to speak to you about whatever you feel you need them for.


If you would prefer not to phone the number above, you can message them online too. Click the picture above to chat to a friendly advisor online.

Click the CEOP 'Report' Button below if you want to report anything you see online that is inappropriate and gives you that funny feeling inside.